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Dinosaur Game (T-Rex)

Dinosaur Games, often referred to as T-Rex Games and Dino Runner is a browser game built into the Google Chrome web browser. The game was developed by Sebastian Gabriel in 2014 and can be accessed by pressing the spacebar offline in Google Chrome.

Many years ago, Google introduced a ridiculously small Easter egg in Chrome: if the Internet came up and you wanted to go to a web page, you would see the words “I can’t connect to the Internet” or “No Internet” a little pixelated. Dinosaurs next door.

This little Easter egg has become a favorite sport. But what if you just want to play (be careful, addictive) when you are online and need a break? In this post, you will learn how to play games both online and offline.

If you are on the Internet, open Chrome. Or if you are still in Chrome, we recommend that you go to the web page. You will see a small messaging error message on the back.

Just click the space bar (or up arrow) and the dino will start. Click the up arrow to overcome obstacles (like cacti) on your way. The more you make mistakes, the higher the dinosaur will jump. If you have one that you need to turn on, click the button below. The more you play, the faster the dinosaur will move/run on the field. When you find something, the game ends and you have to restart it (it also resets your score). You will play again by clicking on the space bar.

Play the game online

You can play this online by clicking the below button.